Foundations for National Cybersecurity

A cloud portal and cost-effective solution. Match jobs to cybersecurity candidates, and align national security development to the NIST-NICE Framework.

Cybersecurity Talent and Skills Gap Analysis

With the steady call-to-action to increase our cybersecurity skills as a nation, CyberKnights can support governments at all levels to increase our capacity to identify, develop, and train the present and future generation of cybersecurity warriors. Government organizations can act with an expanded pool of cybersecurity talent to defend our digital domains and assets against our adversaries seeking to leverage vulnerabilities.

CyberKnights Government Shield Image

CyberKnights can elevate deterrence capabilities by strengthening collaboration between government, industry and academia to better target common objectives and goals to increase this nation’s cybersecurity talent workforce. CyberKnights can facilitate the coalition of allies and partners across our country to better secure our shared interests in cyberspace.

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