Cybersecurity Certifications– A Guide to Focus on What Matters

Girl Holding a Map Standing in Front of Signs of Cybersecurity Certifications

July 20, 2020 | 3 minute read

Many people debate whether or not a cybersecurity-related certification is worth someone’s time, money, and effort to complete. Certifications often help employers gauge an individual’s true ability to understand concepts, as well as their ability to perform specific types of work. Ultimately, there is no doubt that certifications are still very relevant in the cybersecurity workforce, and on occasion, might be of more value than a college degree.

If you are currently in the cybersecurity field, or wanting to make that shift in career to cybersecurity, it is of high importance to pursue at least one certification. In many cases, people do not know which certification to pursue. They will oftentimes go after a certification that appears to be more of a chore, rather than something that they are interested in. When it comes down to choosing the right certification for where you’re at in your cybersecurity career, make sure you select a certification that you are invested in. Chances are, you will need to apply that knowledge and skillset daily, throughout your employment, and you do not want to get burnt out too quickly.

It’s also important to take time to research the different certifications that are out there, and the providers that offer them. In some cases, employers want to see specific certifications from trusted organizations that can help narrow your search.

Does a company that offers a cybersecurity-related certification of interest to you, have a reputable name that is industry-recognized?

Next, determine if one certification is enough for what you want to pursue in the cybersecurity career field. As you do more research, you will find there are follow-on certifications that help to show progression in a particular knowledge set. Showing progression to employers is important, because it demonstrates your willingness to acquire new skillsets, as opposed to sitting stagnant for a long period of time.

Lastly, don’t forget to have a solid game plan. Create your career path with major milestones, such as: degrees, certifications, and even other personal hobbies that you enjoy. As you develop these plans, work with your supervisor to determine if a particular milestone is of benefit to the organization, and if it will enable you to progress through your cybersecurity career goals. Having these conversations helps you and your supervisor to be on the same page, and enables a shared understanding.

As an individual in the cybersecurity field, CyberKnights gives you the ability to compare various industry-recognized certifications against your existing knowledge set, and also helps you to see where you will most likely be successful in attaining the different certifications available.

Supervisors using CyberKnights, have the ability to look at individual knowledge, skills, and abilities, to determine which certification is a good fit for both you and the company you work for. CyberKnights has partnered with Lionfish Cyber Security, CertNexus, and CompTIA in order to help facilitate industry-leading education and certification opportunities that will enable you to continue to excel in the cybersecurity industry.


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