Cybersecurity Feeder Roles:

Computer Software Engineer

Transitioning into a Cybersecurity Career

A computer software engineer is responsible for developing and testing software as well as related software applications for computers. Typically, a computer software engineer is in charge of programming activities, monitoring software and computers, evaluating the system performance, and designing new programs and features to improve the performance of the business. A computer software engineer has the responsibility of continuously monitoring the current software system to ensure there are no issues, while also planning ahead and designing more advanced systems to improve the software’s overall performance.

Common Skills of a Computer Software Engineer: 

  • Software Development
  • Coding
  • Information Systems
cybersecurity feeder roles

Computer Software Engineer as a Feeder Role

computer software engineer transitioning to a cybersecurity role

Computer Software Engineer is one of the most common feeder roles for cybersecurity jobs. Individuals in this job position typically have experience using software that can easily translate to the computer skills needed in a cybersecurity position. This career also requires individuals to stay up-to-date on the industry’s latest software, similar to how a cybersecurity professional has to stay up-to-date in the latest changes to cybersecurity technology.

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Preparing for the Field

In order to succeed in the cybersecurity industry, computer software engineers may need to learn a few new skills.

Skills to Learn:

  • Information security
  • Linux
  • Cloud computing (AWS, Azure)

Depending on the person’s experience and level of expertise, a computer software engineer may transition into a cybersecurity career starting with a job as a cybersecurity engineer, penetration tester, cybersecurity analyst, or cybersecurity architect. Individuals may be best qualified to begin in an entry-level position in order to grow in their basic knowledge of cybersecurity or begin in a mid-level position with more leadership responsibilities. To better understand the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) necessary to succeed in the cybersecurity industry, and to see employer work roles where your KSAs may align, register with CyberKnights and take the cybersecurity skills assessment today!