Cybersecurity Entry-Level Roles:

Cybercrime Analyst

Beginning a Cybersecurity Career

The cybercrime analyst role is an entry-level position in the cybersecurity industry that is responsible for helping to counter the activities of cyber criminals. Individuals in this role are required to be proactive, forward thinkers, who are able to analyze the current cybersecurity situation at a company, as well as the current cyber attack threats in the market, and develop strategies for protecting the company’s cybersystems. A cybercrime analyst typically works to collect information about internet-based malware-related crimes as well as the people behind them. Using this information, cybercrime analysts are expected to make predictions about future cyber criminal attacks and present these concerns to those who need to the people who need to know them. This also means that Cybercrime Analysts need to be good presenters, and capable of presenting information in a way that others can understand clearly. 

Common skills needed for a cybercrime analyst:

  • Information Security
  • Technical Support
  • Project Management
  • Network Security
  • Security Operations
cybersecurity entry level roles

Cybercrime Analyst as an Entry-Level Role

cybercrime analyst as cybersecurity entry level job

There are many feeder roles that can lead a person to a position as a cybercrime analyst. Experience in systems engineering and security intelligence will help an individual to qualify for a job in cybercrime analytics. Financial and Risk Analysis is another feeder role for this position, as individuals from this job position typically have the necessary experience in finding needed information and presenting it to the necessary parties.

cybersecurity career path graphic

Continuing on the Career Pathway

Once in a cybercrime analyst position, individuals may become qualified for mid-level positions in cybersecurity. The cybersecurity analyst position prepares an individual to understand the cybersecurity threats of a company, present them effectively, and lead others to interpret cybersecurity threats and prepare for the future. Experience as a cybercrime analyst may prepare an individual for various mid-level positions.

Mid-Level Cybersecurity Jobs:

The cybersecurity industry is constantly growing, and many different job positions in cybercrime analysis are available each day. CyberKnights connects professionals with great employers, based on the alignment of KSAs to fill unfilled work roles in the cybersecurity industry. Individuals can also expand their education using the CyberKnights educational partners, to better qualify themselves for a role as a cybercrime analyst. Register with CyberKnights today to assess where your KSAs align with opportunities in the cybersecurity industry!