Cybersecurity Entry-Level Roles:

Cybercrime Investigator

Beginning a Cybersecurity Career

Cybercrime Investigator is a growing job position in the ever-expanding cybersecurity industry. Individuals in a cybercrime investigator position are tasked with solving crimes that have been committed using the world wide web as the primary attack vector. Cyberattacks are becoming more and more vicious and advanced, so cybercrime investigators are constantly tasked with investigating new breeds of cybersecurity attacks. They must stay educated on the latest internet and cybersecurity developments to understand the advancement of cybersecurity attacks, and must be able to understand the profile of a cybersecurity attacker. Cybercrime investigators can work in both the public and private sectors, helping individuals targeted by thieves online, children targeted by predators, and companies targeted for their sensitive data information. Cybercrime investigators solve cases of cybersecurity attacks, and gather the necessary information to determine how to prevent these attacks from happening again. 

Common skills needed for a Cybercrime Investigator: 

  • Computer Forensics
  • Information Security
  • Hard Drives
  • Forensic Toolkit
  • Malware Engineering
cybersecurity entry level roles

Cybercrime Investigator as an Entry-Level Role

cybercrime investigator as an entry level job

To be qualified for a role as a cybercrime investigator, individuals must have the education necessary to perform the role and use the necessary technology. Having experience in other industries that perform roles similar to a cybercrime investigator may provide an individual with the necessary experience to be accepted for the job. Job roles in networking and systems engineering provide an individual with some of the basic qualities needed to be able to successfully perform in the role of a cybercrime investigator. Positions in security intelligence and financial and risk analysis are also common feeder roles to the job of cybercrime investigator.

cybersecurity career path graphic

Continuing on the Career Pathway

After experience in the entry-level position of cybercrime investigator, individuals may become qualified for a mid-level or upper-level position that gives them more managerial and technical responsibilities. Future job positions for cybercrime investigators include:

Mid-Level Roles:

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