Cybersecurity Mid-Level Roles:

Cybersecurity Analyst

Transitioning into a Cybersecurity Career

Cybersecurity Analyst is one of the most common mid-level job positions in the cybersecurity industry. A Cybersecurity Analyst is in charge of protecting an organization’s data by managing and updating the organization’s technologies and processes. A key role of a Cybersecurity Analyst is continuously testing these technologies in order to prevent and detect cyber threats. By detecting potential threats early, a cybersecurity analyst can protect an organization from major cyber attacks that could lead to serious damage to the business. For this reason, Cybersecurity Analysts play an important role in any business and are growing in importance as cyberattacks grow in number. A consultancy role is also common in this job position, as it is often necessary to offer advice and recommendations to the organization about how to improve their technologies and cybersecurity strategies.

Common Skills Needed for a Cybersecurity Analyst: 

  • Information Security
  • Network Security
  • Threat Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Linux
  • Vulnerability Assessment
cybersecurity mid level roles

Cybersecurity Analyst as a Mid-Level Role

cybersecurity analyst

There are many entry-level positions that can allow a person to be promoted to the mid-level position of Cybersecurity Analyst. A Cybersecurity Technician may be qualified for the position of Cybersecurity Analyst due to their high level of understanding of various technologies and cybersecurity strategies. A Cybercrime Analyst, as well as an Incident Analyst, are also typical feeder roles into a position as a Cybersecurity Analyst. These two job positions often require individuals to analyze threats from cyber-attacks which is an essential skill in this mid-level job.

cybersecurity career path graphic

Preparing for the Field

With experience as a Cybersecurity Analyst, individuals may be qualified for a higher-level position in the cybersecurity industry. Experience as a Cybersecurity Analyst prepares an individual to understand various technologies and cybersecurity software, while also training them to think proactively and determine the most appropriate solutions to cyber threats. These skills can help an individual succeed in higher-level positions where critical thinking skills are required to protect an organization’s data.

Advanced-Level Cybersecurity Jobs:

  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Cybersecurity Manager
  • Cybersecurity Architect

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