Cybersecurity Entry-Level Roles:

Cybersecurity Technician

Beginning a Cybersecurity Career

A Cybersecurity Technician is constantly altering and fixing the computer systems to protect them from data theft. Cybersecurity Technicians, also referred to as cybersecurity engineers, are in charge of responding to cybersecurity issues affecting a computer system in order to protect the business or organization. In addition to protecting the computer system from current potential threats, cybersecurity technicians must also protect computer systems from future threats by staying updated with technological developments. Keeping a computer system safe from cyberattacks is the role of a cybersecurity technician, and it constantly changes with new advancements and threats everyday. Forward thinking cybersecurity technicians also develop strategies for cybersecurity protection, and detect security issues before they become a problem. Staying one step ahead of cyberattackers is an important part of the job position, and means that a technician must be proactive in their role. Analyzing and researching cybersecurity solutions is the main part of this job position. 


Common skills needed for a Cybersecurity Technician: 

  • Information Assurance 
  • Security Operations
  • Project Management
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework
cybersecurity entry level roles

Cybersecurity Technician as an Entry-Level Role

cybersecurity technician

In addition to being educated in the common skills needed to become a cybersecurity technician, there are a few feeder roles that will give an individual the experience needed to become qualified for this job position. Having experience in networking and systems engineering will give an individual the experience working with software and technology, as well as making changes and updates to a system when threats arise. Individuals who have experience working as a financial and risk analyst, or in security intelligence, may have the experience needed to understand how to analyze future risks and create proactive solutions.

cybersecurity career path graphic

Continuing on the Career Pathway

For those looking to grow in their career in cybersecurity, a job position as a cybersecurity technician is a great entry-level job that can lead to higher-level roles later on in the career. Individuals with experience as a cybersecurity technician may develop the skills needed for a job position in:

Mid-Level Positions:

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