Cybersecurity Feeder Roles:

IT Technician

Transitioning into a Cybersecurity Career

An IT technician is responsible for diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining hardware and software systems to ensure that a company’s computer systems are operating correctly and safely. IT technicians may be responsible for installing and configuring hardware or could be the general point of contact for when a technical problem arises. Due to an IT Technicians’ experience in resolving technical problems, expertise in software and hardware, and knowledge of protecting the companies’ technical systems, IT technician is a great feeder role into a career in the cybersecurity industry.

Common Skills needed for an IT Technician: 

  • Systems Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Information Systems
  • Java
  • Linux
cybersecurity feeder roles

IT Technician as a Feeder Role

it technician transitioning to cybersecurity career

IT Technicians are typically qualified to transition into the career field of cybersecurity. Individuals with experience as an IT Technician understand the importance of protecting a companies’ technology and software and are trained to think ahead and plan for any future issues that could affect the security of the business. These skills are valuable in the cybersecurity field and can help an IT Technician to transition into a new role as an IT Auditor, Cybersecurity Technician, or Cybersecurity Analyst.

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Preparing for the Field

In order to transition into the cybersecurity industry, an IT Technician may need to advance their skill set.

Skills to Learn:

  • Cryptography
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Risk Management
  • Threat Analysis

The transition from an IT Technician to a new role in cybersecurity depends on the individuals’ level of experience and educational background. An IT Technician may be able to transition into an entry-level, mid-level, or advanced level position depending on their qualifications. To enter the cybersecurity industry in a higher-level position, IT Technicians can increase their knowledge in the cybersecurity field by taking cybersecurity courses. To better understand the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) necessary to succeed in the cybersecurity industry, and to see employer work roles where your KSAs may align, register with CyberKnights and take the cybersecurity skills assessment today!