Cybersecurity Mid-Level Roles:

Vulnerability Tester

Transitioning into a Cybersecurity Career

Cybersecurity vulnerability testers are highly skilled cybersecurity specialists tasked with the role of ensuring that those without permission cannot access an organization’s data. Individuals in this job position are sometimes referred to as “ethical hackers” as they find vulnerable areas of cybersecurity technology that could fail, allowing illegal hackers to break in. By testing for these vulnerable areas in the system, vulnerability testers help other individuals in the cybersecurity team create a stronger system that better protects the data. Some of the core tasks of a vulnerability tester include conducting tests on the data networks and applications, physical security assessments, and security audits that pinpoint weaknesses in the system. Another important role of a vulnerability tester is to effectively communicate their test results through assessment reports so that others in the organization can accurately resolve these vulnerabilities.

Common Skills Needed for a Vulnerability Tester: 

  • Information Security
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Software Development
  • Information Systems
cybersecurity mid level roles

Vulnerability Tester as a Mid-Level Role

penetration and vulnerability tester

As a mid-level position in the cybersecurity industry, the role of a cybersecurity vulnerability tester is often given to individuals with experience in common entry-level cybersecurity positions. The position of a Cybersecurity Technician and IT Auditor are both feeder roles that can provide an individual with the experience for this Vulnerability Tester position. Both of these entry-level positions focus on the technology of cybersecurity and can easily lead to this position. Experience as an Incident Analyst or as a Cybercrime Analyst also helps to prepare an individual for the position as a Vulnerability Tester. These two roles train an individual to search for relevant data and present it effectively.

cybersecurity career path graphic

Preparing for the Field

Once in a Cybersecurity Vulnerability Tester position, individuals may develop the qualifications for an advanced-level position. The position as a Vulnerability Tester prepares an individual to completely understand the cybersecurity system of the company, determine areas of improvement, and effectively communicate these strategies to others in a team.

Advanced Level Cybersecurity Jobs:

  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Cybersecurity Manager
  • Cybersecurity Architect

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