Empower Your Cybersecurity Team

Close skills gaps with matched cybersecurity talent and align skills development with retention strategies utilizing the NICE Framework.

Identify Skills Gaps, Recruit New Talent, Retain Employees.

Our unique portal matches cybersecurity talent to employers by leveraging the NICE Framework to assess knowledge and skills needed to close security skills gaps within your organization. Take further actions for planning and tracking employees’ skills development with a wide range of tools.

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NIST-NICE Framework

 Visualization and breakdown of the NICE Framework

 Established foundation for skills gap measurement and analysis

 Alignment of employees and candidates to the 52 NICE work roles

 Keyword search for NICE knowledge and skills (K&S)

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Skills Gap Assessment

 Compile lists of K&S required for your company’s strategy

 Comparison of each employee K&S to K&S required

 Education and certification training options to fill skills gaps

 Talent search and candidate short listing to narrow skills gap

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Team Development

 Browse self-starters, students, interns, apprentices, and professionals

 Create and post K&S based Skills Postings (aka job opportunities)

 Percentage match between candidates’ K&S and K&S required

 View individuals’ profiles and contact potential candidates of interest

Employee Incentivization

 Employee career journey mapping integration access

 Browse academic institutions, including Centers of Academic Excellence, HBCUs, and curriculum offerings

 Demographics charts for improving diversity within your company

 Certifications mapping to K&S and training provider options

Why CyberKnights?

The NICE Framework is the cornerstone of the portal. With the ability to identify skills gaps in your organization, create skills postings mapped to work roles, and engage in the career journey of employees, employers will develop a strong foundation for their security team development and retention programs.

The Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals

Addressing the Shortage

There remains a critical gap of cybersecurity professionals within the workforce. As the need for cybersecurity talent increases, the number of cybersecurity job openings continues to surpass the number of qualified cybersecurity professionals. According to the international cybersecurity organization, this cybersecurity skills gap is almost 500,000 and continues to rise.

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cybersecurity work roles

Closing the Gap

This large gap can be accredited to many different causes. One might be that the need for cybersecurity is simply increasing at a rate that is much higher than the speed at which individuals can be trained to enter into the workforce. Cybersecurity is a relatively new profession, and the popularity of studying cybersecurity at universities and colleges around the nation is still low. Another reason for the large gap could be the general stigma around the term “cybersecurity”. To those unfamiliar with the field of cybersecurity, the term may be synonymous with “hackers” or “the dark web”. Because of this, some individuals are hesitant to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

What Employers Can Do

How employers manage cybersecurity recruiting could be another reason for a large number of cybersecurity job openings left unfilled. Many employers recruit candidates within very specific criteria. While reading resumes or searching for candidates online, some employers consider only those candidates with certain degrees or qualifications in cybersecurity. Although having a formal education in cybersecurity will help qualify a candidate for the job position, it is not always necessary. Many individuals have received informal training in cybersecurity, through experience in other related industries, and maybe left behind through this form of recruitment.

To better find qualified cybersecurity candidates and decrease the number of cybersecurity jobs left unfilled, employers must improve their strategies for recruiting. Using an online portal, such as CyberKnights, is an effective way for employers to find qualified candidates for their job openings. CyberKnights is a skills matching platform that matches employers with individuals who have the skills, experience, or education to fulfill their job opening. By joining CyberKnights, employers can more easily and effectively find qualified candidates for each of their cybersecurity job openings.

What is the NIST-NICE Framework?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can CyberKnights help me out as an employer?

CyberKnights uniquely leverages the NICE Framework for talent assessment, recruiting, development, and retention. It helps employers manage their existing talent as well as attract new talent. Employers can use assessments to understand existing knowledge and skills, and run a skills gap analysis to help in the development of an employee training plan.

Why does CyberKnights focus on the NIST NICE Framework?

The cybersecurity industry struggles to categorize cybersecurity roles collectively. The NICE Framework is a common lexicon and taxonomy for industry to use as a baseline to understand the different cybersecurity roles and the tasks, knowledge, and skills that are associated with each.

Does CyberKnights have a way to plan out an individual's career?

Yes. CyberKnights has a unique career journey mapping capability, that enables employees to create a roadmap based on where they are currently and how they can get to their end career goal. The journey map is flexible and adapts to each individual as they progress throughout their career, whether they are on a traditional or non-traditional path. Employers can also interact with the employee and mentor them along the way.

Does CyberKnights offer training courses?

No, CyberKnights does not offer training courses. However, we’ve partnered with industry leading education and training providers to provide you the easiest route to different opportunities, based on the existing knowledge and skills in your company. In the CyberKnights portal, you and your employees can identify specific certifications, or educational opportunities, that will help narrow your skills gaps.

How does an employer attract new talent through CyberKnights?

CyberKnights has developed a unique capability to automatically match talent to employer needs. An employer can post a job or “Skills Posting” within CyberKnights and talent will automatically be matched to the needs of the organization.

Can Human Resources use CyberKnights?

Yes. Human resource workers can use the CyberKnights portal to understand existing talent K&S, and post open job positions.