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Compile and develop your cybersecurity knowledge and skills into a unique profile aligned to the NICE Framework, and match to employers looking to close security skills gaps.

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Utilize a portal aligned to the NICE Framework, built to compliment your unique career journey as a self-starter, student, intern, apprentice, or professional.

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Assess & Showcase Skills

 Profile creation and framework navigation

 Soft skills and Cyber Range hard skills assessments

 Knowledge and skills portfolio cumulation

 Align to NICE work roles

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Chart Unique Career Path

 Interactive career journey mapping integration

 Beginning-to-end training and education planning

 Industry statistics and certifications for work roles

 Save various journey maps

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Keep Developing Talent

 Search and filter industry certifications

 Compare your skills to skills required to obtain a specific certification

 View work roles aligned to different certifications

 Contact industry leading training providers

Find Cybersecurity Job Opportunities

 Detailed employer skills posting (aka job opportunities)

 Express interest in a job position

 Alignment of your knowledge and skills base to skills postings

 Top work roles and skills postings recommendations from your dashboard

Why CyberKnights?

Companies are looking for cybersecurity talent to protect and defend their online assets to ensure growth in an increasingly vulnerable digital world. Access a personal knowledge and skills portfolio, complete aptitude and cyber range assessments, show interest in job postings, connect to certification vendors, and utilize an interactive career mapping tool. The platform is free for individuals.

The Cybersecurity Career Pathway

The cybersecurity workforce consists of varying levels of job positions that each require their unique skills, expertise, and experience in the cybersecurity industry. For individuals to advance to higher-level positions, they must often have experience in lower level positions, or an educational or career background to qualify them for the job.

Before beginning a career in cybersecurity, it’s important to understand the structure of the workforce and each of the cybersecurity roles. Understanding this structure allows individuals to plan their career path in the cybersecurity industry and prepare for future career transitions by furthering their education or professional experience.

Cybersecurity Feeder Roles:

Feeder roles refer to job positions that prepare an individual to either advance in a specific career field or transfer into a new career with similar educational requirements. These roles in the cybersecurity industry are often roles in technology-related industries that would allow an individual to easily transfer into a more cybersecurity-focused career.

Common cybersecurity feeder roles:

Financial & Risk Analysis, Computer Software Engineer, Networking, IT Technician

cybersecurity feeder roles
cybersecurity entry level roles

Entry-Level Cybersecurity Job Positions:

Beginning a cybersecurity career often requires starting an entry-level position to gain experience and talent while networking with businesses and individuals who can help advance your career. These job positions may be well-suited for recent graduates looking to begin their career, or individuals looking to enter into the cybersecurity workforce for the first time.

Common cybersecurity entry-level job positions:

Cybercrime Analyst, Cybercrime Investigator, Cybersecurity Technician

Mid-level Cybersecurity Job Positions:

With experience and increased expertise in the cybersecurity industry, individuals may be qualified for a mid-level cybersecurity job position. These job positions are typically the gateway for higher-level management positions and can be important stepping stones in a cybersecurity career.

Common cybersecurity mid-level job positions:

Cybersecurity Consultant, Vulnerability Tester, Security Analyst

cybersecurity mid level roles
cybersecurity advanced level roles

Advanced-level Cybersecurity Job Positions:

To be qualified for an advanced-level cybersecurity job position, individuals must meet strict job requirements and display a high level of competency in the cybersecurity industry. These job positions are often leadership positions that require the understanding of a wide range of cybersecurity jobs that come from years of experience working in the industry.

Common cybersecurity advanced-level job positions:

Cybersecurity Engineer, Cybersecurity Manager, Cybersecurity Architect

What is the NIST-NICE Framework?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CyberKnights?

CyberKnights is a cybersecurity career management portal that supports those individuals who are aspiring to pursue or upskill their career in the cybersecurity field. The CyberKnights portal not only helps individuals find careers but also provides the resources to help develop, or hone your knowledge and skills (K&S) within the cybersecurity workforce.

How does the employment process work?

Once you register with CyberKnights, you will be prompted to take an Aptitude Assessment and create your profile, providing work experience, resume, etc. This will allow you to start accumulating knowledge and skills (K&S) in your portfolio database. Once the assessment and profile are completed, employers will be able to see your K&S, and how well you match their skills gaps needs. When employers find their potential candidates, they can reach out to set up interviews.

What are some features that CyberKnights has to offer?

The CyberKnights portal includes a gamut of cybersecurity workforce development tools and resources. We’ve partnered with Journeys Map to integrate their interactive career journey visualization and mapping tool. CyberKnights also partnered with companies such as CompTIA, Lionfish Cyber Security, and CertNexus for an easy way to find and gain the industry certifications you need to advance your career! There are so many more features and opportunities for you to develop and enhance your knowledge and skills in cybersecurity, and get hired.

How can I expand my knowledge of technological careers with CyberKnights?

CyberKnights offers many opportunities for you to learn about the different roles in the cybersecurity field. One thing that CyberKnights takes pride in is the utilization of the NICE Framework within the portal. In the portal, you can filter by things such as categories and work roles to see what K&S are needed for a specific career path you want to pursue. CyberKnights even offers Cyber Range hard skills assessments and certification opportunities to help you obtain these K&S for employers to see when looking for candidates.

I'm particular about what I want with my career, can CyberKnights help me achieve this?

Yes. In CyberKnights, a key feature of the portal is the Career Track tab. From here, you can create multiple career journey maps that display exactly where you want to go, and suggested paths you can take to get there! Enter your education experience (such as high school, a degree, or military experience) and then select an endpoint (desired career), and from there the map will trace your journey, whether it be a traditional or non-traditional path.

How does CyberKnights help me identify a cybersecurity education provider?

CyberKnights includes a list of education and training provider partners, and the courses, or certifications that they offer. Moreover, you can view K&S aligned to specific course curriculum and certifications that you would gain upon completion, or compare to the K&S you already have. Review to determine the best course of action and contact your preferred institution, or training provider.

Can I find a job within CyberKnights?

Yes. Once you register and establish a profile in CyberKnights you will be able to see employer skills postings (aka job opportunities), with details including K&S that pertain to each job. Employers leverage CyberKnights alignment to the NICE Framework to find candidates who match their job position’s K&S requirements.